The Uber APAC Graduate Program
Are you ready for the ride of your life? Applications for The Uber Graduate Program 2019 (Indonesia) are now open! Come solve problems that make the world move. Discover more and apply now: Grow together. Build Together.
BNP Paribas We are pleased to share that we have recently added new graduate roles on our graduate website and we strongly encourage you to visit to apply online now. Application deadline is 28th February 2018. We are currently receiving applications for roles* in: - IT Security - COO Office - Coverage and Territories Credit Management - Legal - Territory Management - Transaction Banking - Human Resources - Operations and Client Management - Cardif Application deadline for our selected summer internship roles have been extended to 28th February 2018 and we welcome all penultimate year students from all areas of disciplines to apply online. We are currently receiving applications for roles* in: - Graduate Recruitment - Talent Development/Diversity and Inclusion - Securities Services Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We also have an interesting Long Term internship role available in Global Markets Hong Kong and looking for digitally-savvy/tech students who are graduating in 2019-2021 to fill this role, appreciate if you could share this role with the students to apply online directly. (Application deadline: 28 Feb 2018) Application: Should you have any queries on our programmes, please write to us at
JP Morgan
Through this partnership, we will work closely to exchange the firsthand recruiting information so students can be benefited from meeting and speaking with our business directly. There are upcoming internship opportunities across the division of Global Markets (i.e. Sales, Trading, Research and Investor Services) in our Asia offices including Hong Kong and Singapore. Due to our expanding business worldwide, we have an increasing demand of calibers with high competency of language skills. Apart from English, we are also keen to meet candidates who are native speakers in Mandarin, Japanese, and/or other Asian languages. If you are interested to know more about how this partnership operates, please reply to my email with the most proper contacts. We can then arrange another conversation to discuss further.
Bain & Company
Hi guys, just wanna share you a quick info that some of you might consider beneficial for your career development. If you are looking for a great and flexible internship opportunity this semester, consider applying for KPMG Virtual Internship Program! It is now open for enrolment for any student regardless of prior experience, degree, university and year group! InsideSherpa has partnered with KPMG Australia to deliver a free open-access online program where you will get to complete similar work as Graduates at KPMG. The virtual internship program is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your interest in KPMG and you will be considered favourably upon program completion. It is a valuable opportunity to gain real credit and use experience in your CV. You will learn what it is like working at one of the world’s best data analytics team, and the necessary skills required to excel as an analytics consultant. This program is open and free for all students with no deadlines to complete the work. You can enrol now at:


Sydney NSW 2052, Australia