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CHILLIN & GRILLIN Excited for a new semester in uni? Well, it couldn't be more exciting than starting your semester with the very first event brought to you by PPIA UNSW this semester! The WELCOMING EVENT held at Physics Lawn on Thursday, 27th July 2017 at 11 am - 2 pm! Of course, EVERYONE is invited to come and get to enjoy this special event so please bring ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS along with you! Don't forget that you can take this opportunity as an advantage by allowing yourselves to socialise as well as meeting the other members of PPIA UNSW! We are very thrilled to see new faces so welcome to UNSW for the newcomers and welcome back to all the seniors! Cheers to a new semester and SEE YOU GUYS SOON! P.S. : ENJOY THE FREE FOODS AND GAMES

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