THEME: IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES Date: SATURDAY, 29 MAY 2017 venue: sir john clancy, unsw Where it will explore the notion of disrupting the norms, breaking the status quo and undertaking extraordinary action to keep challenging your best self.
Daniel Mananta Founder & CEO of DAMN! I LOVE INDONESIA Alamanda Shantika Founder & CEO of Binar Academy Andy F Noya Host of “Kick Andy” Noor Huda Ismail Founder of The Institute for International Peace Building in Indonesia Isyana Sarasvati Award Winning Singer This man needs no further introduction. His award winning show, Kic Andy, is not only well-known to be the Oprah Winfrey TV show of Indonesia, but has also inspired millions of Indonesians through raising awareness of social issues in Indonesia. He will be speaking about how to become a successful social entrepreneur and impact change in modern Indonesia. Daniel is a well-claimed entertainer who once hosted Asian Idol which was screened in six countries, and won the Panasonic Global Awards 2013 for Favorite Talent Show Presenter category. His creativity doesn’t stop there, he is the man behind the famous household clothing brand: DAMN! I LOVE INDONESIA; an urban-street wear brand that aims to promote Indonesian patriotism and nationality. He will be speaking about how to make a nationalistic impact in modern Indonesia. Alamanda was one of the masterminds who built the GoJek app from the very beginning - which revolutionised the whole transportation industry in Indonesia. Under Alamanda’s leadership, GoJek has grown from being a small house in Kerinci to one of the biggest companies of its type in Indonesia that is now worth over $1 Billion. Now, Alamanda Shantika is the founder and CEO of a tech Academy called - BINAR Academy, which focuses on empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. She will speaking about how to build a successful start-up. Noor is a Jihad-terrorist journalist who has encountered many terrorists throughout his life, and he has dedicated his life in fighting against terrorism and creating peace. As part of his effort, Noor directed a film called, “Jihad Selfie”, which is a documentary that unfolds how teenagers are being recruited into ISIS; and founded an anti-terrorism organisation called, “The Institute for International Peace Building in Indonesia”. His contribution and bravery have changed so many people and clarified the topic that has never been discussed before! This exciting stories and wisdom is not one to be missed! One of the most trending artist in Indonesia at this time. She has been an influential singer in a very young age and has created many singles and album in her career. She graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a degree of Bachelor of Music with Honors and continued her study journey in the most famous music college in England which is the Royal College of Music, London. With her achievements in her career journey, she managed to receive multiple awards such as Female Singer of the Year Indonesia Choice awards 2016 and Album of the Year Indonesia Choice awards 2016. Other than that, her youtube channel, ISYANAVEVO, has reached more than 100 Millions views on youtube.