THEME: ctrl + alt + del Date: SATURDAY, 19 MAY 2018 VENUE: science theatre, unsw speakers
William Tanuwijaya - CEO of Tokopedia William Tanuwijaya is an entrepreneur from Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra.After graduating from college, he worked at several software and game developer companies. He then decided to partner with his friend, Leontinus Alpha Edison, to create on 6 February 2009. Since then, Tokopedia has gone through positive progress and has received attention from a lot of investors who invest in their platform. With this, Tokopedia has become the most sucessful e-commerce platform in Indonesia in their first year of launching.
Faye Simanjuntak - Co-founder of Rumah Faye Faye’s main passion is being the co-founder of Rumah Faye, an organization fighting child sexual abuse and trafficking. Launched in 2013 with her mother Paulina Pandjaitan, Rumah Faye grew to the point where it was able to open its own safe house on Batam, at which Luhut gave a speech at the opening ceremony. The name Faye is derived from the word “faith,” so Faye chose it for her organization, as it is meant to give hope to child victims of trafficking and sexual abuse. (Source: Forbes Indonesia)
Putra Nababan - Founder of IDTalent Putra Nababan is an Indonesian newsreader, journalist and ex-editor in chief of MetroTV. During his career times he has received four Panasonic Gobel awards in regards to his career as a journalist.In addition to his journey, he has founded an Indonesian Recruitment Agency called idtalent. Idtalent move to support Talents to reach their Career and Professional path in Indonesia.
Arnold Poernomo - Chef and Owner of KOI Dessert Bar & Monkey's Corner by Poenomo Brothers Arnold Poernomo is an Indonesian chef who has resided in Sydney since he was still a teenager. At Sydney, he has worked as a chef and also a restaurant owner partnering with his brothers Reynold Poernomo and Ronald Poernomo. The brothers have opened the famous KOI desert cafe in Sydney and also Monkey’s corner restaurant in Central Park. At Indonesia, he is appointed as one of the main juries for the Masterchef Indonesia Season 3.
Chelsea Islan - Co-founder of Youth of Indonesia Chelsea Islan is an Indonesian actress, Youth activists and also a well-known model in Indonesia. She has won Actress of the Year 2015, 2016 and 2017 according to Indonesia Choice Awards. She is also recognized as the Innovative Young Leader 2017 by South East Asia Leader Summit in founding a youth community in Indonesia, called Youth of Indonesia. By founding Youth of Indonesia, she encourages young people to compete and protect and care for pluralism and other national values. .
JAZ - Award-winning singer Jaz is an award singer who has produced 3 viral songs such as Dari Mata, Kasmaran and Teman Bahagia. Currently, his songs are being listened for more than 10 million times in Spotify and all other music streaming platforms. He will be joining our incredible line up to entertain and also inspire us for ICON 2018.